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What day will our baby arrive?

by Mary Love

The due date is approaching and I am feeling it. This has been the LONGEST pregnancy. I'm talking elephant gestation for sure. I have it all, swollen ankles, disrupted sleep, anxiety about how this is actually going to happen, and a dozen people asking every day, "When will you be moving?"

Jessica has paralleled creating Heart of Houston and finding our forever home as a labor throughout the process. It is really really starting to hit me. The pressure is mounting and it is all starting to get real - this baby is going to be born... sometime in the next 4-8 weeks... but what day exactly? Who knows. I am working on surrendering to the things I can not control. - like how fast fed-ex shipping for wallpaper takes.

Here is the status of where we are. Yesterday they were prepping and scraping the floors with plans for LVT flooring installed by the weekend. After the floors are in they can do cabinets, wall tile, wallpaper, trim work etc. At some point the ceiling fans, wider pocket door, dryer vents, and the transom window I have been promised will also happen. (I am starting to feel a little like broken record about these things.)

I realize this is not just a big deal for myself and our team. Many of our clients are also living in limbo -not quite sure where the birth of their baby will take place. I hear you, that is hard. But rest assured, whenever, wherever, and however your birth unfolds, we will be here for you. Thank you for your ongoing support, grace, and patience.

Here are some pictures of how it is looking and some teasers of what is to come.

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