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Being Flexible and Moving Forward.

Written by Mary Love

It is December. Already? Finally? I think we can all agree that 2020 has presented each of us with more challenges than we expected. And if you are anything like me, some challenges were met head on and conquered like a boss, and others, well, not so much. This year I have learned a lot about the importance of treating myself with grace, personal boundaries, delegation, and asking for help when I get in over my head.

Enough with the self reflection and lamenting all things 2020. Want to hear something awesome! On December 15th, we added a little piece to our hearts. Yes, Heart of Houston welcomed our first baby! And let me tell you, mamma, papa, and the wee one totally kicked butt and are settling in to snuggle out the rest of the year. Not only was this our first birth, but this the first baby born at a hospital in the Texas Medical Center, under the care of a private midwife-owned practice. Ground breaking!

The first baby born at a hospital in the Texas Medical Center, under the care of a private midwife-owned practice. Ground breaking!

I know what you are probably thinking - Hospital birth? Aren't we a birth center? Where are the photos of the birth center? When is the big grand (virtual) opening announcement? What the HECK IS GOING ON with Heart of Houston?

Our first birth was a planned hospital birth, because our facility hasn't opened its doors yet. Sticking with the theme of 2020 just being an all around jerk, Heart of Houston’s launch and development hasn’t escaped the year unscathed. What started as a fairly benign application for building permits, way back in August, turned into a herculean task that is best described as iceberg-esque.

The final blow to our dream of occupying 10400 Main street came earlier this week. The long and short of it is, when the owner purchased the property about a year ago the deal somehow happened without a survey and without title insurance. Which works out really well if you are looking to sell someone something you don't actually own. The building on Main street was perfect in so many ways, except for the fact that it is essentially an island surrounded by a designated restricted reserve (green space) that is actually owned by the HOA for the housing development behind it. Yeah, it is hard to get permits and a certificate of occupancy when you can't get legal rights to the driveway and parking areal.

So what does a person do when they are supposed to open a birth center, have everything lined up, have clients signing on for services and nowhere to go? First you start by having a pity party and eat at least 10,000 calories in a weekend. THEN, after watching Frozen II, (yes, I know) you follow Anna’s advice and do the next right thing.

Also, listen to your business partner. Jessica suggested that perhaps we could find a temporary home. Something to tide us over until either the legal and permitting issues were resolved with our current lease, or we could find a suitable long term solution. So that, my friends, is exactly what we did.

In January Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center will be moving into the Tribeca Lofts building at 1210 W. Clay street. Located in Montrose, the building was designed by architect Joseph Finger and known as the Clarks & Court Printing Plant. The building retains much of its art deco charm and offers an urban loft feel.

This space will give us plenty of space to get on our feet while we grow. It won’t suit our needs long term, but more than enough to get us going. There are two full bathrooms, space for clinic visits, wonderful reception/lounge space, and space for labs, supplies, and equipment. It is currently being spruced up and prepared for us to move in next month. I can’t wait to share more pictures when it is all ready to go.

We will continue to look for a more permanent space over the coming winter and spring. And after we find our long term home, I hope never to look at real estate listings again, or at least not for a very long time. In the mean time, thanks for all your continued support and well wishes.

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